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I'm Maggie Shaw, a novelist, musician and song writer based in Cheshire, where I run my micro-publishing business Eregendal. I began writing stories as a 7 year-old and have never lost my love of  the written word.  My stories tend to feature people who are trying to make sense of their existence, and are usually set in the Visionary Fiction and Christian Mystic genres. 

My creativity as a writer often inspires me to write poetry and songs about my world and the stories I write.

I am also a musician and church organist.  Besides playing for services, I run the weekly singing for health group Breathe Better Sing Together every Wednesday.

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Susy longs for a wedding ring. Freddie says only if the Thursday Ritual finally ends. Can Susy stop the mayhem to become the new lady of Lodge Castle?

This comedy of errors set in a remote English village in 1983, will have you laughing all the way to the Post Office. Chuckle at the antics of characters like the publican who does John Wayne impressions, the WI ladies who try to fly a helicopter using a Teach Yourself book, and the disaffected housekeeper who leads the vicar into sin – not that he takes much leading.                                                                                                                from £3.99


When Knight Gendal offers to take a message to a remote clan in 14th Century Bavaria, the act of kindness ignites a revolt. Knight Gendal and travelling companion Sir Rehlein get drawn into the fight to free Count Bertram and the Children of the Raven from the despotic rule of Nicolaus, Duke of Danuvia. Despite their best efforts, events take them ever faster towards the battle that could cost them all their lives.

This action-packed sequel to “The Eagle and The Butterfly” sees Gendal living out the commission given in that story, to help the poor and fight injustice, in an exciting adventure where mysticism and faith must compete with survival.                                                                                       from £3.99


The Eagle and The Butterfly tells the story of a person who passes through a thin place into the mythical world of Berren and becomes the butterfly Eregéndal, who  must face hell and death to save Berren from Zoust and help the child-goddess Zana ascend to her throne.

This allegorical novel is steeped in folklore and includes many symbols drawn from North European myths and legends. Its themes include personal development, the battle between good and evil, and death and resurrection.

This volume includes an abridged version of the same story story, sensitively adapted for children from 9 years and up.                    from £3.99

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Diviner's Nemesis II - Retribution is a story of revenge set against a backdrop of occultism and the paranormal in 1970s London. Demonic forces amass against Liz Graham to remover her as head of the psychic society P.S.I. Her husband Alec's plot to destroy her predecessor, Jonathan Keast, leaves Liz defenceless against Keast's schemes to depose her. Can Liz destroy the evil powers at work before they destroy her?       from £3.99

Diviners Nemesis 1 paperback cover.jpg

Diviner's Nemesis I - Avenger  is a story of revenge set against a backdrop of occultism and the paranormal in 1970s London. When Liz Kirkland marries archaeologist Alec Graham after a whirlwind romance, she little realises the part she will play in his attempts to bring his arch enemy Jonathan Keast to justice. The death of Alec's friend, the actor Andrew Ferry, leads Liz onto the dangerous world of the psychic organisation P.S.I. and the demonic powers at its heart. Can Liz destroy the evil there before it can destroy her?                                                                                 from £3.99


The Vision and Beyond is a mystical quest story with supernatural overtones in a tense Cold War setting. The story explores issues of betrayal, healing, faith and identity as it unravels two mysteries. What is the real name of the woman at the centre of the story? And what happened to the world during the woman's three-year imprisonment?                                            from £3.99


A collection of poems written over the years, from the author’s time as a teenage run-away in London, her transformation through the power of God and the 12-step program of recovery, to the present.

The poetry explores seven themes: Love, Life, Depression, Faith and Recovery, Stories, People and Places, and Humour. With commentaries and illustrations.                                                                                         from £3.99


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